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CommandIR II LIRC Integration - lircd.conf 0.9


CommandIR II has a new lircd.conf for easy integration with LIRC programs. Simply add this lircd.conf to your master lircd.conf, and you can:
1. Send CommandIR instructions with 'irsend send_once commandir command' to:
  • Set CommandIR II LEDs to: on, off, blink, blink 2, or flash
  • Set which emitter the next irsend command should be sent on
2. Receive CommandIR generated events:
  • New CommandIR devices plugged in
  • Which CommandIR receiver is currently active (multiple CommandIRs only)
  • When a new emitter is plugged in
  • When an emitter is unplugged
  • When the driver is ready, when the driver is stopped
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