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Set Top Box Control with CommandIR Utilities (Windows)

Control Multiple Set-top Boxes (Satellite, Digital Cable, and HD boxes)

Use Linux?  CommandIR works really well with MythTV on MythBuntu, MythDora and others.

Use Differentiating Emitters
Setting the right channel on your set-top boxes for your favorite PVR software is easy with CommandIR - even if you have 4 identical boxes that would otherwise interfere!

CommandIR uses 4 Professional-style Emitters (in contrast to high-power IR 'blasters') to deliver signals directly to specific devices. Learns codes from any remote.

To start changing channels:

  • Step 1 - Install our Free CommandIR Utilities
  • Step 2 - Setup the right IR Codes
  • Step 3 - Call commandir_change_channel from your Program
Try with: XBMC | GB-PVR/NextPVR | MediaPortal | and more.

Step 1 - Install our Free CommandIR Utilities

Test Transmitting
With your CommandIR plugged in, try transmitting the included test command:
commandir_send test_ir_code1
commandir_send test_ir_code2
Test Learning
To test recording, simply run:
commandir_record -d
Press a few buttons on any remote control, right up close to the learner to see the IR codes on the screen.
Q. Windows sees the CommandIR, but not the Utils?
A. libusb probably hasn't been properly installed. 

Step 2 - Setup the Correct IR Codes

Download IR Codes or Record your own and copy them to your CommandIR Utilities IRCODES folder.
Tip: Using someone else's recorded codes?  Follow the CommandIR Utilities change channel naming convension to use them with commandir_change_channel.bat.

Step 3 - Call commandir_change_channel From Your Programs


commandir_change_channel DeviceName EmitterNumber ChannelDigits
Test Channel Changing
commandir_change_channel motorolavip1200 2 234

Optional Tweaking - Step 4

To easily tweak settings for each of your devices, try making a change_channel file for each of your devices.  For example, start with our skeleton commandir_change_channel_on_.bat:
copy commandir_change_channel_on_.bat commandir_change_channel_on_topmotorola.bat
notepad commandir_change_channel_on_topmotorola.bat
Now tweak the settings for each specific device.  For example:
  • Press 'enter' after the digits for faster channel changing
  • Shorten the 'gap' between digits for faster transmitting
  • Centralize the emitter selection by hard-coding it in each device file (so it's easy to change for all programs later)
SET deviceName=motorolavip
SET emitterNumber=2
SET enterCommand=return
Save as commandir_change_channel_on_secondmotorolavip1200.bat in your C:\CommandIRUtilities directory.
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