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Commercial and Industrial Integrators

Change Channels on Receivers
Set-top Box Control for Media PC Providers

CommandIR is used by several leading set-top box manufacturers for quality assurance - so your business can certainly depend on it as well.

With free satellite service launched in Europe and the terrestrial spectrum being freed-up forcing most TV viewers to upgrade to digital set-top-box sources, it's critical to provide rock-solid hardware support to your media system.
CommandIR is can help you shift into digital set-top support and provide other automation capabilities.  

Automate Repetitive Testing
Automated Device Testing

Linux Infra-Red Control (LIRC) software is extensively programmable and scriptable so it is an ideal environment for automating repetitive testing and QA.

Integrated Applications

Offer more integrated solutions from single PC applications to entire deployments in many applications by using CommandIR to interact with external devices or provide simple remote-control. 

Control Anything from PC
Computer-based signs & displays

  • Turn display on/off to prevent wear-out
  • Adjust volume settings depending on time-of-day
  • Automation: turn several devices on/off, set to the correct channel/input, etc

Control PC from Custom Remote
Add remote-control support to any computer

  • Start programs, or change settings, from a remote-control
  • Control hard-to-reach installations
  • Prevent unwanted keyboard/mouse activity by using an infrared remote
  • Signals go through protective glass and plastic enclosures

Custom Form Factors

Contact us for footprint and core-control-only device options that can fit your custom form factor or cost requirements.

Get Started with our Commercial Evaluation Kit

Get our Commercial Evaluation kit shipped urgently to you in the USA, Canada, or Internationally!

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