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CommandIR Powering your PC-IR Control Projects
Record Remote Commands and Control Devices
Make your PC-IR control project a reality with CommandIR:
  • Power devices on/off from your PC or HTPC
  • Control volume on your amplifier/receiver
  • Schedule events - Alarm clock
  • Change set-top box channels for recording
  • Control devices from another remote
  • Network support for multi-room projects
  • Use Linux? Use with LIRC - and with any remote
  • And much more!

How easy is it?  Have a quick look at CommandIR Utilities software:

Example #1 - Basic Control

Now Available for Windows Projects!
Send a 'power' command to an Onkyo Receiver and a Scientific Atlanta Power command:

Using CommandIR Utilities (at a Windows C:\> prompt or a Linux :~$ prompt):
commandir_send onkyo_power
commandir_send sciatl_power 

Have two or more devices with the same or similar codesets?  Control them separately with ease:

Example #2 - Basic Control to Specific Emitters

Send to Specific Emitters
Set one Scientific Atlanta set-top box to channel 123, and another Scientific Atlanta set-top box to channel 234:

Using CommandIR Utilities:
commandir_send -e1 sciatl_1 sciatl_2 sciatl_3 sciatl_enter
commandir_send -e2 sciatl_2 sciatl_3 sciatl_4 sciatl_enter 

Your Project Idea

Do you have an project idea to make your system easier, faster, more capable, or more user friendly?  Take Control with CommandIR!
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