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Popular Applications
CommandIR has many useful applications, including but not limited to:

Set-top box Control | Howto

The classic application - changing the channel on set-top boxes for MythTV recordings.  CommandIR has no trouble controlling set-top boxes and if you have multiple boxes, can avoid limit control to just 1 box using IR emitters instead of a single blaster. 

With CommandIR there's no multiple LIRC instances, no hardware hacking, no custom codeset programming required!

PC Remote Volume Buttons Control External Amplifier | Howto

All the gear in your system only responds to it's own remote, right?  Well since CommandIR can both receive and transmit IR codes, you can effectively "translate" the PC remote you like to control other devices using a few simple scripts.  

Remote Power Button Powers On/Off TV and other A/V Gear | Howto

Another application with very similar setup as external volume control, but listed because of popularity!

Use Any/Many Remotes with MythTV | Howto

Is it time for a new remote?  Or is it time to also support remotes others like?  CommandIR has a universal remote receiver so you aren't tied to any specific remote, or even just using 1 remote.
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