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You have total A/V gear control on one side, any-remote support on the other, and a few Ghz in between? 

If you're a programmer, scriptor or other general hacker, the possibilities for doing cool tricks that nobody else can do are endless. Here are some examples:

Loose the rest of the remotes

Why buy a smart remote when you write software yourself?  Try using any 1 remote to control everything - not directly from the remote - but by build 'remote translator' scripts in Linux.
  • LIRC detects your remote with CommandIR
  • Use LIRC's 'modes' to keep track of which device you're controlling
  • Use CommandIR to irsend commands to the device based on what you're doing on screen and which buttons you use on the remote.
An .lircrc with irexec events can trigger irsend's for highly effective consolidated universal control of your other gear. 

Task-based Control Interface
Single Interface Integration

Wildly popular in high-end remotes is selecting 'tasks' instead of 'devices'.  So add Blu-Ray, DVD, Radio, Tape Player or whatever else to your MythTV menu.  Get CommandIR to change your TV's input to the device you want to watch, and use a remote translator (like above) to use 1 remote to control those devices.  Just make sure there's a way to get back to MythTV!
Make CommandIR your development platform for all kinds of custom integration solutions, and Take Control with CommandIR.
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