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CommandIR II Overview
In Action: Channel changing on the 2nd Set-top Box


CommandIR II is the next generation of our CommandIR Mini - Integrated universal remote+control hardware for Linux media PCs.  Professional IR emitters are used to deliver remote-control commands to devices. 


With CommandIR II you can:

  • Choose whatever remote you like to control MythTV and other programs
  • Control any A/V gear from MythTV and other programs


  • Remote Freedom.  Don't be forced into using a remote tied to specific hardware that you don't like.
  • Personalize. Someone else don't like your remote?  Let them choose one they like and use both remotes.
  • Unsurpassed Integration. With hardware the lets software detect almost any remote and control any device, the integration possibilities are huge.  A simple example: Setup power or volume control on A/V gear from your MythTV remote that it couldn't otherwise control. 
CommandIR II with an External Receiver

What's new with CommandIR II?

Lots of new features for different people's tastes and applications: 

  • Parallel Device Blasting. Control up to 4 different devices all at once.
  • External Receiver Option. Use the built-in remote receiver, or plug-in an external receiver for hidden operation.
  • Remote Detection Lights. See when CommandIR detects your remote (remote light blinks red) and see when LIRC decodes it (remote light blinks green)
  • New Form Factors. New internal form factor (PCI slot, internal USB connection) plus translucent blue and mountable black.
  • Multi-purpose LEDs.  Use lots of user-programmable LEDs, 2 red, 6 green, 5 blink styles.
  • Simply Expandable.  Need more emitter channels?  Plugging in more CommandIRs automatically adds emitter channels #5-8, #9-12, and #13-16. No extra setup required after the 1st CommandIR works.
  • Userspace Driver.  Decoupling from specific kernels makes system integration and package maintaining easier.
  • LIRC Super Integrated.  Lights show you if LIRC is working and if programs are waiting for remote control.
  • LIRC Super Integrated2. Programs can irsend events to CommandIR just like they would send remote commands.
  • Generates LIRC Events.  Raises LIRC events when emitter changes are detected, new CommandIRs are detected, and more.

Demo Videos

Set-top Box Control

Controls set-top boxes for MythTV channel changing.

In this demo:

  • The boxes are powered-on
  • The channels are changed
  • The green indicators set to blink (indicating set-tops are in use)
  • Boxes are Powered Off

4 Device Control

A brief demo of CommandIR II transmitting to 4 different devices. Light-pipes can be seen internally. The remote light (far right) is both red and green indicating a remote was detected and the computer understood it.

Movie Mode

CommandIR controlling various devices in the dark.


CommandIR Front View with 4 IR Emitters Attached
Q. What remotes does it support?
A. You can use just about any remote (exceptions: most set-top box remotes require a "56k" external recever).  Teach CommandIR your remote by finding its remote codes in the LIRC Config database or the LIRC database , or you can record them yourself with LIRC's irrecord program.
Q. Does it control "56k" devices?
A. Yes.  Hardware modulates signals in real time for completely accurate control of all devices.  CommandIR II can even control devices at difference frequencies at the same time.
Q. I could buy another capture card for that price!  ?
A.  CommandIR is a Linux-only product that isn't mass produced.  We've even taken the lead in innovation - there isn't a comparable mainstream product so naturally the limited-market forefront costs more to make.  Please read what our customers say.
Q. Is CommandIR available for Windows?
A. Not at this time.
Q. What external receivers are supported with CommandIR II?
A. CommandIR II supports Hauppauge IR receivers. Most people have them already so we do not stock external receivers.
Q. Where can I get it?
CommandIR II Mountable Black, with 2 User LEDs On
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