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Ubuntu 12

Subcategories: 0
Number of files: 2
Support files for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10:
CommandIR Utilities - Windows

Subcategories: 0
Number of files: 7
New CommandIR Utilities Beta for Windows, including:
commandir_record - record remote control IR codes
commandir_send - transmit remote control IR codes
commandir_set - setup your CommandIR
commandird - network daemon, and multi-client support
For install instructions, see Install CommandIR Utils for Windows Beta.
CommandIR Utilities - Linux

Subcategories: 0
Number of files: 17
Non-LIRC command-line utilities for CommandIR, including commandir_send, commandir_record, and the MythTV channel changing script
CommandIR Firmware Upgrading

Subcategories: 0
Number of files: 7
CommandIR Firmware Upgrader, firmware, and automatic updating script.
MythTV AV Gear Integration Sample Files

Subcategories: 1
Number of files: 9
Sample files from this howto article.
Channel Changing Script

Subcategories: 0
Number of files: 1
Use with MythTV to change channels on set top boxes with CommandIR.

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