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CommandIR III Command-Line Utilities

Command-Line Utilities for CommandIR - Windows and Linux

ImageRecord and send IR commands without LIRC

Many CommandIR users just need to control external devices with CommandIR and don't need to use a remote, or already have a working remote.  For those users, we've put together these simple utilities to record and send IR codes right from the command line - without requiring LIRC.  Perfect for scripting and automating.

Download the latest here or see installation instructions below:


Overview and How to Use

These utils record and replay the raw IR signals, including a wide-range of automatically detected modulation frequencies and duty cycles. In other words, as universal as you can get.
The basic command syntax:
 commandir_record button_name1 [button_name2] ...
 commandir_send [-e emitter_number] [-b emitter_bitmask] button_name1 [button_name2] ...


Let's say you want to use CommandIR to:

  • Change the volume on your Onkyo amplfier
  • Power on/off your Onkyo amplifier and LG Television
  • Change channels on 2 Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes

So, you'll need to record:

  • Onkyo: Power, Vol+,Vol-
  • LG: Power
  • Scientific Atlanta: Digits 0-9, enter

The easiest way is to record them all at once. 



Since each button will be stored in a seperate file, keep yourself sane by using the device name and button name each time:

 $ cd ~/ir_codes/ 
 $ commandir_record onkyo_power onkyo_vol+ onkyo_vol- lg_power sa_0 sa_1 sa_2 sa_3 sa_4 sa_5 sa_6 sa_7 \
 sa_8 sa_9 sa_enter


Running this command will prompt you to press each remote button, and press keyboard 'enter' to accept a recorded IR code for each.

Now you'll have a directory full of these IR codes:

 $ ls 
 lg_power     onkyo_vol-  sa_0  sa_2  sa_4  sa_6  sa_8  sa_enter
 onkyo_power  onkyo_vol+  sa_1  sa_3  sa_5  sa_7  sa_9


There are no daemons to reload or restart if you add new or re-record any devices/buttons, changes take effect immediately. 


Transmitting / Sending

You can test any of them using the commandir_send command, for example to toggle the power on the LG and Onkyo devices:

 $ commandir_send lg_power onkyo_power


To change the channel to 123 on the first Scientific Atlanta box using CommandIR Emitter #1:

 $ commandir_send -e1 sa_1 sa_2 sa_3 sa_enter 


To change the channel to 543 on the second Scientific Atlanta box on Emitter #2:

 $ commandir_send -e2 sa_1 sa_2 sa_3 sa_enter 


The commandir_send commands can be put in more advanced bash scripts or called directly. Here's a sample bash script (change the ir_codes directory as appropriaate for your system):

 commandir_send -e3 ~/ir_codes/lg_power
 commandir_send -e4 ~/ir_codes/onkyo_power 


Channel Change Script

MythTV only provides the satellite box channel number to change to, so there is a new channel changing script that converts the MythTV '123' format to commandir_send's sa_1 sa_2 sa_3, and sets the correct emitter.


 $ 3 /home/mythtv/ir_codes/sa 123 .1 


Installation - Linux

For the ready to run Windows build, see the CommandIR Utilities on Windows Installation page.

Download CommandIR III Utils from the CommandIR Downloads webpage.
Installation from source is the standard untar, make, sudo make install:
$ tar -xjvf commandir_utils_0.1.tbz
$ cd commandir_utils_0.1
$ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4  (may not be required if already installed)
$ make
$ sudo make install 


The installer adds these files to your system:

 The CommandIR recording utility
/usr/local/bin/commandir_send The CommandIR code sending utility
/usr/local/bin/ A channel-changing script
/etc/udev/rules.d/99-commandir.rules udev rule to allow non-root users of CommandIR devices



Q. When should I use LIRC vs the CommandIR Utils?
A. If you want to use the external receiver with the CommandIR III to detect the remote of your choice, you must use LIRC for its advanced decoding functions. If you simply want to control a few devices, the utils will be fine.
Q. How do I use the CommandIR Expansion?
A. Use 'commandir_set -e' to enable a CommandIR's expanded mode, then it will support all 16 transmit channels instead of only CommandIR's own 4. 
Q. Is there a Ubuntu package?
A. Not yet - we'll build one when the utils go stable.
Q. Can I use LIRC lircd.conf IR codes with these utilities?
A. No, the utilities use a more common Hex format.
Q. Is there a database of Hex IR codes I can use?
A. Not yet, but it's in development.
Q. Which CommandIRs are supported?
A. Only CommandIR III devices are supported.
Published: Wednesday, 09 February 2011
Last Updated: Monday, 26 November 2012

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