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Technical Specifications

CommandIR Mini Expandable Specifications

LIRC-Hardware Boundary

LIRC: Specifies signal timings, carrier frequencies, which channel

CommandIR: Generate carriers in hardware, times signals in hardware, transmits on the correct emitter 


Operating Temperature: 0° to 60° C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 70° C

Electrical Characteristics

Operating voltage: 5.0V
Maximum USB current sink: <100mA

Receiving - Learning

Range: 1-2 inches
Angle: 10°
Accuracy: +/- 1/2µs variation

Receiving - External Receiver

Range: 25'

Angle: 110°

Accuracy:  +/- 3µs variation

Infrared Transmission

Single emitter range: 10-50cm
Dual emitter range (each): 10-20cm
Signal Reproduction Accuracy: +/- 1µs variation

Personalization Settings

Emitter Channel Selection - Individual or Multiple
Compatible with standard IR remote controls


CommandIR III Mini: 3.5 x 3/4 x 1.75"

USB Cable: 1m (3')
Emitter Cable: 3m (10')


CommandIR III Mini: 80g
Emitter: 10g

Limited warranty and service

30-day money back guarantee and 120-day warranty. See sales policy for terms and conditions.

Documentation Online

Available starting at /content/view/37/54/

Recommended Accessories

Single Emitters
Dual Emitters

External Receiver

USB Mini Cable

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