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CommandIR II Hardware Setup
Thank you for choosing CommandIR II for Linux.
You can set up CommandIR in a few easy setups (all on this page, below):
  • Place, mount or install your CommandIR II in an appropriate location
  • Connect and place your external receiver (if used)
  • Connect IR emitters to control devices (if used)
  • Connect USB

Place, Mount or Install your CommandIR II

CommandIR II External: Place or Mount

Choose a place for your CommandIR near your PC with these considerations:

  • Can the remote detector be seen from everywhere I want to use a remote?
  • Can IR emitter cables reach from CommandIR to every A/V device I want to control?
  • Can I see the lights from where I want to see them?

CommandIR Internal: Install

  • Turn your computer off and unplug it
  • Open your PC and locate a spare PCI slot and your USB "header" pins on your motherboard (consult  documentation, or look for cables labeled 'USB' which are usually grouped together).
  • Install the CommandIR into a slot
  • Connect the internal USB cable from CommandIR to the motherboard.
  • Plug your computer back in and power up
CommandIR with External Receiver

Connect and Place External Receiver

If you are using an external receiver with CommandIR, connect it to the external receiver port and find an deal place for it.
External Receiver Jack Label
Note: CommandIR will use either the built-in receiver or the external receiver, not both at once to prevent interference.  

Connect IR Emitters


Connect USB

For External CommandIRs, connect the USB cable to one of your available USB ports.  Your computer does not have to be off to make this connection.  
CommandIR with 4 Emitters using built-in remote receiver, ready to go
Published: Friday, 11 July 2008
Last Updated: Sunday, 13 July 2008

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