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CommandIR Mini Overview

The original CommandIR Mini is no longer available.  Please read about CommandIR III Mini here.


CommandIR is a hardware extension for Linux media PC's: a universal infrared remote-control transceiver. 


With CommandIR Mini you can: 

  • Choose whatever remote you like to control MythTV and other programs
  • Control any A/V gear from MythTV and other programs


Popular application: Multiple set-top box control. Emitters differentiate between devices.
  • Remote Freedom.  Untether yourself from hardware-specific remotes!
  • Get Personal. The remote you like doesn't please everyone? Let others choose one they like too and support both remotes.
  • Unsurpassed Integration. With hardware the lets software detect almost any remote and control any device, the integration possibilities are huge.  Popular examples include: Setup power or volume control on A/V gear from your MythTV remote that it couldn't otherwise control.

Supports all remote codes in our LIRC Config database as well as LIRC's database - and it can learn new ones too.


CommandIR can transmit to devices and receive your commands at the same time, so there's no need to worry about missing anything. 

CommandIR Mini Front-end: Power light, Remote-control Receiver, Emitter/Transmitter Indicator Lights. Up to 4 IR emitters plug into the back and stick-on to your A/V devices over their remote-control detector.


Connect up to 4 Emitters
Professional-grade IR emitters plug into the back of CommandIR and stick on the A/V gear you want controlled.

CommandIR Mini Back-end: 4 Jacks for IR Emitters, USB


Don't let the close-ups fool you, CommandIR Mini really is tiny! 

Image Image 


If you are familiar with Linux, this will show you how CommandIR integrates with programs: 

Remotes-In detected for Programs, Programs send Remote Commands to Devices


The original CommandIR Mini is no longer available.  Please read about CommandIR III Mini here.

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