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MythTV Channel Changing
In MythTV Setup, there is an important setting 'External channel change command' under 'Connect source to input' for each tuner card:
We recommend saving several channel changing scripts - 1 for each device - then entering a different script name for each tuner in MythTV.

Specifying Which Emitters before Changing the Channel

If you have multiple set-top boxes, you'll want to limit the channel-changing scope to 1 device as to not interfere with other recordings.  
To select emitters with CommandIR Mini, make sure your script runs an 'irsend set_transmitters' command before issuing irsend's to change the channel.  Eg:
# This is the script for controlling my first Scientific Atlanta set-top box on emitter #1
irsend set_transmitters 1
sleep .5
(the rest of the channel-change script follows).


Then in the MythTV 'External channel change command' (as seen above) enter ' '.


Copying the file to and changing the irsend line to 'irsend set_transmitters 2' will select the 2nd emitter, and so on.


Download the CommandIR Mini MythTV channel changing script here.


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