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CommandIR user "rakmount", Canada

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I've been using the CommandIR III mini since it came out.
Works flawlessly compared to earlier struggles with Hauppage and other MCE style remote/blaster combinations. Great support from CommandIR too - had one bug which they quickly resolved and posted patch for.
Very versatile in that you can use whatever remote you want and you can blast to up to 4 different target receivers. Love it.


CommandIR user "Tom", USA

I spent hours and hours trying to get 2 serial blasters working and when they were finally configured they would each pick up the other's signal no matter how I tried to block it.  CommandIR was a quick setup and controlled them independently with no trouble.  Thanks!!!!


CommandIR user "Ryan", Canada

There are lots of other IR interfaces out there.  Once you've tried all the others, and realized you want something that is flexible reliable and the best of breed there is only one however, CommandIR.


CommandIR user "bcjenkins", USA

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I would completely recommend CommandIR-II. My experience has been great, no issues encountered. Project, Global

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We currently recommend CommandIR II from InnovationOne as an infrared receiver/transmitter unit to be used with the reference implementation.


CommandIR user "Scott", Canada

I am using the full 4-ports on your CommandIR Mini in a MythTV system. I'm currently controlling a DSR922 4DTV receiver, a DSR920 4DTV receiver, a DSR4200 receiver, and a Pansat 2500A MPEG2 receiver, hooked up to two 10-foot C/Ku band dishes. Since there were no LIRC files that worked with these receivers, I also used the Mini to record the remote control commands for the DSR's and Pansat.

The CommandIR Mini has performed flawlessly, both as a multi-port transmitter, and as a receiver. While more expensive than some home-grown IR projects discussed on the MythTV forums, for me it was well worth the money, as I am far more of a software person than a hardware person. The Mini allowed me to concentrate on writing the software without worrying about the hardware. All I had to do was download the linux software from your site, compile it, and go. I do hope that you intend on continuing support and development on the current Mini.

In short, my experience with the Mini has been all positive; I can't think of any negatives. I look forward to seeing how the new Beta progresses, along with thinking of ways to incorporate it into my

CommandIR user "Jeff", USA

Customer support for the CommandIR was extremely responsive and proactive with the initial set up and configuration of both the kernel module and lirc in OpenSUSE 10.2. Customer support continued to troubleshoot the problem through multiple hardware and software changes, providing guidance and feedback despite apparently conflicting results. The problem was traced to a tainted kernel and now the CommandIR is working perfectly. Thank you for the support! 

CommandIR user "Mike", USA

Oh, and thanks for a great product. The Command IR really is wonderful!! 


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