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CommandIR Utilities Beta 0.3


Version Beta 3 of the new CommandIR Utilities:
  • commandir_record (updated)
  • commandir_send (updated)
  • (updated)
  • commandir_set (new!) 

What's new in 0.3:

  • Assign a unique identifier ("Name") to CommandIRs
  • Assign a persistent order to the CommandIRs
  • Automatically keep current order
  • Send to a specifically named CommandIR
  • Specify a HexCode string on the Command Line
  • Record from a specific CommandIR
  • Option to Display-Only, and not write to a file
Note these utilities require Firmware 3.42 or greater to assign and use unique identifiers / Names! Run the CommandIR Firmware Upgrader to get the latest version.
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