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CommandIR Utilities Beta 0.5


CommandIR Utils Beta 0.5
This is the first version of CommandIR Utilities to support the commandird daemon and signal queuing.
Changes since Beta 0.4:
- New utility: commandird - CommandIR Daemon Utility:
  - Supports TCP/IP network connections with commandir_send and commandir_record
  - Supports 3rd party application pipes /tmp/commandir_rx and /tmp/commandir_tx
  - Supports multiple commandir_record and commandir_send clients simultaneously
  - Automatically makes newly plugged in CommandIRs available for use without restarting
  - Automatically removes unplugged CommandIRs from use without restarting
  - Automatically queues and pipelines commands as they are received
  - Clients never experience 'Is CommandIR Busy?' errors
- commandir_record - CommandIR Recording Utility:
  - Supports "-n" option for use with commandird daemon
- commandir_send - CommandIR Transmitting Utility:
  - Supports "-n" option for use with commandird daemon
Please email CommandIR Support as there may be minor issues due to so many changes this release.
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