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CommandIR II Now Shipping 

TORONTO, July 14/08 - The next generation of InnovationOne's CommandIR remote-control multi-blasting transceiver for Linux PC home entertainment software applications is now shipping. 
The CommandIR product line brings advanced bi-directional remote control communication to/from PCs.  CommandIR is to PC/AV integration like what a network card is to the internet - the hardware layer that enables  applications to extend their functionality outside the box.  
Popular applications with previous CommandIRs have included:
  • Controlling multiple set-top boxes for TV recording, including MythTV software
  • Controlling PC software from any remote, not only PC-specific remotes
  • Powering on/off devices via PC remote for an integrated PC/AV feel
Emerging markets in 2008 specifically targetted with the new CommandIR II hardware include:
  • DIY PVR systems supporting 1-16 set-top boxes to help users in the looming US digital transition
  • Commercial application providers, OEMs
  • PC-AV Automation applications, and "smart remote" software functionality
  • Higher-end refinements for improving PC/AV interaction
Although the United States is discontinuing over-the-air analog broadcasts in 218 days, many TV views have yet to move to digital set-top boxs - usually 1 box per TV, or 1 box per simultaneous PVR recording.  CommandIR is the only solution on the market for independently controlling up to 4 identical set-top boxes, as other solutions would cannot limit device control to a single device which results in unwanted control interference and missed recordings. 
Despite government incentive rebate programs, studies day 70% of US households still do not have a single set-top box and require transition in the coming months.
For Commercial application providers, CommandIR II's internal form-factor offers an integrated solution, and brings new customization and branding options to the table.  Branded and custom remotes can be easily integrated, and remote blasting is future-proof by supporting 4 emitters instead of the current industry standard of 1 or 2.
"Smart Remote" functionality need not be built in to remote control hardware anymore.   CommandIR and 3rd party software together can provide unsurpassed fully integrated on-screen control of all devices, with just 1 remote control for the PC.  Unlike any smart-remotes on the market, CommandIR II can effectively deliver remote commands to multiple devices at once for even faster response and better user experience.
CommandIR II new highlighted features over the CommandIR Mini:
  • Parallel device control - delivering different remote-control commands to difference devices at the same time
  • Two new form-factors, including 1 internal and 1 mountable
  • Remote detection and action taken feedback red/green feedback light
  • General purpose user controlled LEDs (4)
  • Under the hood: Microcontroller speed quadrupled to 48Mhz, integrated LEDs display if software is working properly, detects when emitters and external receivers are plugged in or removed
A six week beta-testing phase was completed with testers around the world and with most major MythTV distributors, including MythBuntu, KnoppMyth, and MythDora, who all support CommandIR Mini and CommandIR II.
CommandIR II is available from $119.99 from

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