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2009 Announcements

New 2009 Pricing Announced

TORONTO, Nov 24/08 - InnovationOne, maker of the CommandIR products for Linux, announces new 2009 retail pricing and the upcoming end-of-life for CommandIR Mini.

CommandIR II Black will be the 2009 Standard

2009 Pricing
Launched in July 2008, CommandIR II was released in 2 form factors with 4 appearance options: Internal PCI, External Blue-Ice, External Black, and External Mountable Black.
The popularity of the CommandIR II Black product has led to it becoming the CommandIR standard in 2009, where the CommandIR II Blue Ice and Mountable Black models will no longer be produced.  The functionality of the products are identical, so the standardization will simply lead to better pricing on the most popular model.
Pricing ($USD)20082009
CommandIR Blue
 $129.95   Limited edition, no price change
CommandIR Black
CommandIR Black Mountable
 $134.99 Limited edition, no price change
2008 Customers may take advantage of our "4 free emitters" Christmas Gift special (a $20 value) combined with the current $10-$25 off each device to get 2009 pricing or better right now.
CommandIR Mini End of Life
Launched in January 2006 to solve the MythTV set-top-box control problems that plagued the then-slow media-PC's, CommandIR Mini is expected to reach end of life by January 2009.
The Mini is currently supported in the latest CommandIR drivers and will remain supported for the foreseeable future.
However CommandIR Mini production has finished and the product will be no longer sold once current inventories have sold out. 
Pricing ($USD)
2006 2007
2008  2008 to End of Life
CommandIR Mini
 $149.95 $129.95 $94.95 $69.95
Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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