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Introducing CommandIR III

The New CommandIR III Mini
CommandIR III Mini Now Available

Sep 27/2010 - The third generation, CommandIR III all prominently feature what sets us apart:
  • Multiple independent transmit/control channels using stick-on IR emitters
  • Optional receiver for use with any standard remote control
  • Built-in high-resolution wide-band remote recorder in case your remote/device is not already in the online database
Here is an overview of the models and their capabilities:



Ideal for:

CommandIR III Mini

Now available!

 4 Transmitters

 1 High-Res Recorder

 1 External Receiver

  • Multiple set-top box control
  • Multi-device control
  • Use asthetic/discrete emitters instead of generic blasters

CommandIR III Pro w/ Expansion

Coming Soon!

 16 Transmitters or Direct Integration

 1 High-Resolution Recorder

 1 External Receiver 

 1 IR-IN from compatible device

 1 IR-OUT  to compatible device


Ideal for applications requiring maximum capacity:

  • Automated testing applications
  • DIY integrators with compatible devices 
  • Custom integrators
CommandIR III still works with LIRC for compatibility with all the major Linux media apps, including MythTV.

Multiple emitters still works the same way as previous CommandIRs:
  irsend send_once hauppauge_pvr power
  irsend set_transmitters 1
  irsend send_once sat_box 1 2 3 enter
  irsend set_transmitters 2
  irsend send_once sat_box 2 3 4 enter


Or download a MythTV channel changing script.


For the complete overview, check out the CommandIR III Tour page!

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