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CommandIR Firmware Upgrade
April 11th/2011: Firmware updater updated!  Now supporting all CommandIR III's, including Mini and Expandable.
This procedure is for all CommandIR Mini III hardware, including the original 'Mini' and the 'Expandable Mini'.
We've combined the downloading and compiling of the CommandIR Firmware Updater into a mostly automated process:
2. Open a terminal and cd to your download directory, eg:
cd Downloads
3. With your CommandIR III plugged in, and no lircd/mode2/irrecord processes running, run the install script with sudo:
sudo service lirc stop 
sudo bash ./ 
If the Firmware Installer is not installed, run:
sudo bash ./ --install-firmware-updater 
You will see it download the firmware updater, the firmware, compile it, and download the latest firmware to any attached CommandIR III's. 
It will take 3-5 seconds for the CommandIR to upgrade it's firmware after the transmitting is complete.  Do not unplug the CommandIR right away!  The CommandIR will automatically reset and will immediately run the new firmware. 


What firmware do I have?


sudo bash ./

and after the upgrade, the script will display something similar to this:

Found CommandIR on 003 and 014:
Detected firmware CommandIR_III_Expandable_Firmware_3_41.hex
Newest firmware installed.


The script will automatically upgrade the firmware if there is an available upgrade.  

Last Updated: Monday, 11 April 2011

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