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Introducing CommandIR Pro Expansion
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CommandIR Mini with Pro Expansion
The CommandIR Pro Expansion, powered by a CommandIR III Mini, drives 12 more independent IR emitters plus has I/O interfaces for your other IR equipment, including Xantech and most consumer IR devices.


Here's how it compares:


CommandIR Mini

With Pro Expansion

Transmit Emitters:



IR-Out Support:


 4 IR-out hookups

IR-In Support:

 1 external receiver

 External Receiver plus 1 IR-in hookup

Let's see how to hook up the new IR I/O with the Pro:

Hookup TX#16 to Connection Block

CommandIR Pro - IR-Out (Send to devices)

Emitter channels 13-16 have 2 outputs on the CommandIR Pro - emitter jacks on the back, plus output hookups on the side.  


Example - control satellite boxes directly without IR using their IR-In port (availability varies by manufacturer), or multiply the number of emitters transmitting with connection blocks.


Hooking up to external equipment is simple:

1. Attach hook-up wire from one of the four outputs to the "IR-IN" connection on your other device

2. Attach hook-up wire from one of the CommandIR "ground" connectors to the "ground" (sometimes labelled GND) on your other device

Plug in your CommandIR Mini and USB connector, then try transmitting!  
Correct Hook-up to Connection Block


- Connection blocks always transmit the same signal on all their emitters

- Connection blocks are a great way to group different devices in a same room


- For testing, hook-up a CommandIR Pro IR Out to the CommandIR IR In for loopback tests







CommandIR Pro - IR-In (Receive from devices)

Pro IR-In Hook-up - Red is Signal
The first Pro hook-up is IR-In, which is a 12V-tolerant "listener" for emitters.  Replace any emitter from another device with a hook-up wire to CommandIR IR-In to receive the signal directly to your computer. 
Example - in IR repeater systems, use a connector block to repeat the signals to devices and one port to the CommandIR for PC response. 
Hooking-up from external devices is simple:
1. Attach the provided 3.5mm to split ends wires to the CommandIR Pro - Important: Red is signal, White is ground
2. Connect the 3.5mm plug to the emitter port of the device to receive commands
Plug in your CommandIR Mini and USB connector, then try receiving!  With CommandIR Utils 0.3, you can run:
Using 3rd-party Receiver via Connection Block
commandir_record -d
to view signals directly, or similarly with LIRC's mode2:
 mode2 -m --driver=commandir
LIRC is must be setup to decode the signals to take action (eg. with programs like MythTV, or utilities like irexec).
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