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WinLIRC Now Supports CommandIR
Nov 21/2011 - WinLIRC 0.9.0c release today - now supporting CommandIR III!  Use any remote with Windows apps like EventGhost, Girder, or make your own scripts. Universally supported remote decoding and control!
WinLIRC Setup for CommandIR
From the WinLIRC homepage, CommandIR now works with:

  • IansHTPC, a player Ian wrote to replace his DivX/DVD player. Supports a wide range of video/audio formats with the help of DirectShow.
  • EventGhost, an open-source automation tool.
  • jlirc, a Java API for LIRC and WinLIRC.
  • PC Remote Control (shareware) supports WinLIRC (and other receivers).
  • IReX allows you to launch programs via remote control.
  • Universal Infrared Control Engine (shareware) fully supports WinLIRC.
  • IRAssistant (shareware) allows you to emulate mouse actions, launch applications, execute macros, and more.
  • Odtwarzacz Filmow (Film Player) supports WinLIRC.
  • BSPlayer is a free DivX player that supports WinLIRC.
  • Girder allows you to control Windows and supports WinLIRC.
  • Remote Control Plugin for Winamp gives Winamp an attractive, remote-controlled, full-screen display
  • Light Alloy is a multimedia player that supports WinLIRC.
  • MyAlbum is a picture and video cataloger that supports WinLIRC for slideshows.
  • Light Control uses eight bits of the parallel port to control lights and supports WinLIRC.
  • WinLIRC Output Viewer is useful for diagnosing/troubleshooting WinLIRC settings and remotes.
  • FlexRemote (freeware) allows you to control your PC and supports WinLIRC.
  • AutoHotkey (GPL) allows you to create macros and hotkeys and supports WinLIRC.
  • Media Player Classic is a video player that supports WinLIRC.
  • HttpIrc is a PHP framework that allows you to control LIRC and WinLIRC through a web browser.

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