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Setup Remotes Codes
The remote-control codes for a remote or its device must be configured in LIRC to use with CommandIR.  
MythBuntu: Select codes from the Control Panel Interface and proceed to the next step.
Note: The codes in any lircd.conf file are both for that device's remote-control and are the same codes as to control that device. 

Find your CodesImage

People around the world have already recording the remote codes for many devices.  Have a look at these two sources to see if your remote or device is already available:
When you have found the codes for all your remotes and devices:
  • Combine all your lircd.conf's into 1 single "master" file
  • Replace any existing /etc/lirc/lircd.conf with your master version
See Testing LIRC for how to test if you found the right remote codes and devices codes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Remote Code Files

  • Read the headers in the files - many devices of the same brand use the same remote codes, so don't worry if your exact model isn't listed
  • Search on the internet for your device name and "lircd.conf" to see if somebody else has already figured out which one works

Recording Remote Codes

If you're unable to find a file that works for your device, you can teach LIRC your remote using the 'irrecord' program.
If you're new to Linux, we highly recommend using an existing remote codes.
'irrecord' creates a new lircd.conf file based on your remote which can be used with that remote or to control its device. For information on how to use irrecord, see

Tips for irrecord

  • Do not accept "raw codes" files.  If irrecord will only use 'raw' mode after several attempts, either your remote is modulated at a non-standard frequency (most set-top box remotes are non-standard) or you need to use an existing lircd.conf template from:
  • If you are still unable to record your remote or file its lircd.conf online, email CommandIR Support. 

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