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Switching to new LIRC CommandIR Driver

As of October 2008, we recommend everyone upgrade to the new CommandIR II driver available in LIRC 0.8.4 which supports all CommandIRs, including CommandIR Mini and CommandIR II's.


December 23, 2008 Update:

Driver LIRC-0.8.4a-2008-12-23 released with fixes to these problems:

  • CommandIR II 'timeout -110' fix
  • CommandIR Mini transmit bug fix

If you are compiling, download the latest files for your LIRC-0.8.4+ source from CommandIR Driver Downloads.




LIRC 0.8.4 - check your distro's latest LIRC version, 0.8.4 was released Oct 12th from


LIRC CVS - instructions available here -


MythBuntu's custom PPA (see MythBuntu setup instead of this document)


LIRC Driver Upgrade

Check if your distro has at least LIRC 0.8.4.  If so, install it and skip down to Configuring LIRC.  If not, or if you prefer to compile from source, follow these steps:


LIRC Upgrade from Source (if 0.8.4 not available in your distro)

  • Uninstall any previous LIRC vesions (from source, or as a part of your distro).
  • Download LIRC 0.8.4 or LIRC CVS from
  • Unpack the tar, and run ./ from the lirc-0.8.4/ directory
  • Select #1, #8, #8, #3 from the menus:
  • LIRC will configure the build, then run 'make' and 'make install'.


LIRC load CommandIR on Boot

If you installed LIRC from a distribution package on Ubuntu or another Debian varient, simply download the /etc/lirc/hardware.conf for to load CommandIR on boot via init scripts.  


If you wish to start LIRC manually, use this line:

lircd --driver=commandir


 Configure LIRC for your Remotes and Devices

This part hasn't changed. Your old lircd.conf and lircrc configurations will work identically (if not better) with the newer CommandIR userspace driver.


Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 December 2008

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