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Introducing CommandIR III Mini...
CommandIR III Mini
CommandIR III Mini packs the power and flexibility of CommandIR into a smaller package, plus the introduction of a high-resolution recording LED!

1) Recording/Learning LED

Use with LIRC's irrecord or mode2 to record and view exact signals. Like other devices, the range of the Learning LED is about 2 inches to receive the clearest possible signal.

2a) Power indicator

Blue when CommandIR has power

2b) Transmitting indicator

Red when transmitting on any channel

2c) Receiving indicator

Blinking when receiving from external receiver, solid when learning from internal recording LED
Reverse, Showing Ports

3) Transmit channel indicators

Each blink when it's corresponding emitter is transmitting.

4) Transmit channel jacks

Plug-in IR emitters here, stick their transmitting end over the 'IR eye' of whatever A/V box you'd like to control.

5) Mini USB connector

New small-size USB connector, likely the same kind as your smartphone or camera.


6) External Receiver Connector

Available Remote Receiver
To detect a remote control from across the room, use the optional external receiver.

Control up to 4 set-top boxes independently (even if they're the same make/model) using the 4 CommandIR emitter channels.  Record IR codes for any devices not already in the LIRC remote code database, or the LIRC Config database.
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