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CommandIR III Mini Expandable - Unrecognized Issue
This page is for coordinating the resolving of a CommandIR III Mini Expansion issue with symtoms:
  • CommandIR plugged in to USB; blue LED lights up
  • 'lsusb' on Linux does NOT show 'Cygnal Integrated Products'
  • 'lsusb -vv|grep CommandIR' does NOT show anything

The Problem

We've confirmed there is an issue with firmware becoming corrupt caused by unfiltered power, causing the microcontroller to execute arbitrary code when program flash memory is not yet valid. In some cases, the CommandIR executes a 'flash page erase' on Page 0 which deletes the bootloader and causes the device to become unrecognizable. 
The problem seems to manifest itself more prodominantly on computers without battery (eg. laptop) and without UPS. 
The problem does not affect CommandIRs that remain powered on and running.  At present, it appears that window of risk is only during the power-on stage. 


CommandIRs on filtered power (laptops, UPS, datacenter) are affected much less.

And upcoming (not yet released --April 7th) firmware upgrade will add extra preventive measures.



Affected units will be replaced.

Unaffected units should upgrade to the latest CommandIR firmware.


Published: Thursday, 07 April 2011
Last Updated: Sunday, 17 April 2011

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