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commandir_record Manual Page
commandir_record 1.00-pre3

 Record IR codes from a CommandIR III

Usage: commandir_record [-n] [-sCOMMANDIR_NAME] [-gGAP_SIZE] BUTTON_NAME [BUTTON_NAME] ...
       commandir_record [-n] [-sCOMMANDIR_NAME] [-gGAP_SIZE] -d

 -gGAP_SIZE - in microseconds (us): calibrate the recorder to distinguish between repeat
              signals. Any spaces larger than -g are consider gap.  Default: 50000
 -d - Display Hex String only, do not save to file.
 -o - Only return gap values, in Hex and microseconds.
 -f - Do not add detected gap values to Hex codes.
 -sCOMMANDIR_NAME - Record from a specific CommandIR (Firmware >=3.42 required)
 -n[Network_Host_Name] - Record from a CommandIR via the 'commandird' daemon.
      Defaults to 'localhost' if no other is specified.
Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2011

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