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commandird Manual Page
commandird 1.00-pre3

 Daemon for programs to send and receive from CommandIR III's via Pipes and TCP/IP

Usage: commandird [-d] [-v] [-sCOMMANDIR_NAME] [-sCOMMANDIR_NAME2] ...

 Run with -d or -v to setup network and pipe servers.
 -d - run as a daemon
 -v - Verbose - do not daemonize; display all activity
 -sCOMMANDIR_NAME - Use only specific CommandIRs (Firmware >=3.42 required)

TCP/IP Networking: commandird accepts TCP connections on port 65123
  Simply use commandir_record and commandir_send in network mode (with the -n switch)
  to use commandird remotely

Pipes: commandird uses two pipes by default:
  /tmp/commandir_cmd: Create with 'mkfifo /tmp/commandir_cmd'
    To use this command pipe, send a command string to the pipe. 
    echo "commandir_send -b5 -r 0000 0074 0017 0000 0020 0020 0040 0040 0020 0021 0020 0020 0020 0021 0020 0020 0020 0021 003F 0021 0020 001F 0020 0021 0020 0020 0020" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
    echo "commandir_clearmem" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
    echo "commandir_record -g100000" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
    echo "commandir_record_stop" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
  /tmp/commandir_rx: Create with 'mkfifo /tmp/commandir_rx'
    To use this rx pipe, read the pipe after sending a 'commandir_record' command to commandir_cmd. 
    Stop recording by sending 'commandir_record_stop' to commandir_cmd.  commandir_rx can stay open.
    echo "commandir_record -g100000" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
    cat /tmp/commandir_rx
    echo "commandir_record_stop" > /tmp/commandir_cmd
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