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CommandIR II LIRC Setup

Installation Overview - CommandIR II

CommandIR II - Summary of Compatible LIRC Releases:


Requires Patch or Upgrade


  • MythBuntu 9.04
  • MythBuntu 8.10
  • KnoppMyth/LinHES
  • MythDora
Upgrade Note: If you are upgrading an old CommandIR system (pre October 2008), the drivers have changed.  Click for more info.
Note 2: CommandIRs are fully compatible with all Linuxes via LIRC, including but not limited to Gentoo, Debian and derivatives (Ubuntu, Knoppix, MythBuntu, KnopMyth), Fedora and derivatives (MythDora).


If you're experienced with Linux you should have no problem setting up on any distro, however if you are new to Linux we highly recommend Ubuntu 9.10MythBuntu and KnoppMyth.

For advanced setup of LIRC CVS, see Installation from LIRC CVS.


Hardware Setup 

Install LIRC 

Setup Remote Codes


Setup Programs

Ubuntu 9.10

Karmic Koala

 See Ubuntu 9.10 Setup Page

MythBuntu 9.04

Old version: MythBuntu 8.10


Updated Apr 16/09

Automatically Done on MythBuntu.

See Configuring Events in .lircrc for other distros.

KnoppMyth 5.5


Already Done
Configuring lircd.conf  Test remotes and devices Configuring Events in .lircrc



MythDora 5.0 has built-in CommandIR Mini support. 

Manual CommandIR II driver installation *

Waiting for LIRC 0.8.4 rpm (not old CVS version) for quick/easy CommandIR II installation. Updated Oct 28/08. 

Custom Installation 


See also:

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