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Karmic Koala - Ubuntu 9.10
CommandIR setup on Ubuntu 9.10 is quick and easy.  

1. Install Infrared Remote Control

If you do not have Infrared Remote Control installed, install it from the Ubuntu Software Center:
Installing LIRC Properties graphical configuration program

2. Configure Infrared Remote Control

If you just installed it, the configuration window automatically opens.  To re-open, open a Terminal prompt and type 'gnome-lirc-properties' and press enter. You may autodetect if your CommandIR is plugged in, otherwise select CommandIR:
Auto-detected CommandIR
Remote control properties with CommandIR selected
To setup remote controls other than the default Hauppauge, select them under 'use different remote control'.

3. Test Receiving (if needed)

To test, apply the changesand close gnome-lirc-properties, and open a Terminal promp:
a) Test if 'lircd' is running correctly:
In the terminal window, run:
ps aux|grep lirc
Testing for lircd running with --driver=commandir
to which the output should contain at least 1 line like:
root  ... 09:14  0:00 /usr/sbin/lircd --output=/var/run/lirc/lircd --driver=commandir 
b) Test if your remote control is correctly setup:
In the terminal window, run:
then press buttons on your remote control aimed at the CommandIR.  The "A" button should be green, and the 4rth 'remote' button should blink red-green.  Blinking only red means the CommandIR is receiving the remote control command, but LIRC does not know how to decode it (check your remote control setup files).
Expected output, for hauppauge remote:
matthew@karmic64-desktop:~$ irw
00000000000017c1 00 1 hauppauge_pvr
00000000000017c2 00 2 hauppauge_pvr
00000000000017c2 01 2 hauppauge_pvr
00000000000017c3 00 3 hauppauge_pvr
00000000000017c3 01 3 hauppauge_pvr
Press Ctrl+C to end irw test.

4. Test Transmitting (if needed)

To test sending, you may have to check your /etc/lirc/lircd.conf file for the exact name of your remote control.  Once you know that, you may test it using the 'irsend' command:
irsend send_once hauppauge_pvr 1 2 3
There should be no output if successful, but the CommandIR LEDs should blink red on the emitters that are sending. 

Troubleshooting Karmic

We found a couple of times LIRC would not start due to some extra single and double quotes in the /etc/lirc/hardware.conf file.  If you find LIRC will not start, check this file and change any "''" items to 2 double quotes: "".
hardware.conf setup with invalid quotes
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