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 March 26, 2011

CommandIR Utilities - Linux:


 November 11th, 2011

CommandIR Utilities - Win32:


 November 11th, 2011

CommandIR III Firmware:


 October 18th, 2011

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CommandIR III can be driven by LIRC (included with most Linux distribution) or by the new CommandIR Utilities:

LIRC - CommandIR LIRC Support

CommandIR Utils


IR Code Database

Minimum Version

Code Format

Remote Support

Device Control

IR Code Database

Minimum Version

Code Format

Remote Support

Device Control

CommandIR III

(Mini or with Pro expansion)

LIRC 0.8.7-pre3 from LaunchPad


LIRC 0.9.0

LIRC's lircd.conf

Detects any LIRC compatible IR remote control.

Control any LIRC compatible device.


Maximum emitters supported: 32

Coming soon!

0.1 or 0.2

Hex Format


Controls any IR-compatible device.


Maximum emitters supported: 2048

CommandIR II

LIRC 0.8.6

Not supported

Note: MythBuntu, MythDora, Ubuntu, Fedora, and KnoppMyth/LinHES all use LIRC.

Installation Instructions - Basic LIRC

Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), MythBuntu 10.10

CommandIR III, II
Setup LIRC

Ubuntu 10.04, MythBuntu 10.04

CommandIR III, IISetup LIRC

LIRC - Setup Remote Codes to detect remotes and control devices

CommandIR III, IIFind or record IR Codes with LIRC

MythTV Channel Changing - for all CommandIRs

CommandIR III, IIConfigure MythTV to run CommandIR Channel Change script

CommandIR II Setup

CommandIR II
Setup CommandIR II

LIRC - General Tests and Troubleshooting - CommandIR II

CommandIR II
CommandIR II Tests and Troubleshooting

Installation Instructions - Advanced LIRC

LIRC - Customize response of remote commands CommandIR III, II
.lircrc Event Configuration

CommandIR Utils

Install and setup CommandIR Utils
CommandIR III
CommandIR Utils - Linux Setup

Beta Testing

Install and use CommandIR Utils for Windows
CommandIR III
CommandIR Utils for Windows 7 Beta Test

Important Known Issues





CommandIR III Expandable

Not recognized by PC

Firmware corruption

See CommandIR Unrecognized issue

CommandIR III Expandable

Pace set top boxes (and other XMP-protocol devices) aren't recording and sending properly with CommandIR Utils

XMP protocol cares more about the number of modulation pulses than the timing, so a firmware tweak was needed guarantee the correct number.

Upgrade your CommandIR firmware to at least 3.45.

CommandIR III

"Error -100 reading 512 bytes"- from lircd or irrecord

Your Nvidia/nForce USB 1.0 chipset can only read 64 bytes.

Only original CommandIR III Mini products shipping Sept-December 2010 were affected.

Upgrade your CommandIR firmware.

CommandIR II

lirc_cmdir kernel module not found

The CommandIR LIRC driver was rewritten for userspace in October 2008.

Change your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf lines from:




and restart LIRC.


See also: Switch to CommandIR Userspace Driver

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07 March 2012

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